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Cover of the album untitled Lean
Lean, a new collaborative trio with Allison Miller and Simon Jermyn. Available as CD, download and 96/24 download.
Cover of Jerome's latest CD untitled The Turn
The Turn’s second pressing as a double album on vinyl, cut by Doug Sax, pressed at QRP, exactly like the first pressing. Limited to 500 copies. Secure your copy now! Includes uncompressed download.

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04.28.2018 @ 9:30 PM

Duet with Laurent Coq in the Cortona Jazz Festival in Tuscany

05.07.2018 @ 10:00 AM

Masterclass au Conservatoire Hector Berlioz à Paris

05.09.2018 @ 8:00 PM

Jerome Sabbagh/Ben Monder/Daniel Humair, concert unique à Paris à la Péniche Anako! Pré-achetez vos places en tarif réduit ici

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One Two Three

“You don't find many post-bop era musicians recording programs of all standards; fewer still choose to do them in a pianoless trio. French native Jerome Sabbagh relishes the challenge with One Two Three (Bee Jazz) and his nerve pays off. Avoiding any of the usual stylistic cliches, Sabbagh lets these compositions speak for themselves. He's not afraid to simply play the melody, although when the spirit strikes him he can spin out inspired improvisations.”
“While One Two Three refers to the solo, duo and trio permutations that make these songs, it might also refer to how easy the three musicians make it seem. The space this group makes on this record is intimate and warm. Taking familiar tunes, they transcend the supposed limitations of any group setting. And on repeated listens, the music only grows in stature.”


“Memorable tunes with assured performances […] Pogo sounds contemporary and vital, and the band delivers one of the year's strongest ensemble performance.”
“Mr. Sabbagh played with untroubled self-assurance, and his songs had a sleek and sturdy appeal. Just as crucially, his colleagues strove for the unexpected, individually and as an ensemble. [...] Mr. Sabbagh avoided direct allusions to the saxophone totems. What he is working toward, simply and effectively, is a sincerely personal vocabulary.”
“A refreshing, cliché-free young tenor and soprano saxophonist. In this, his second album as a leader and one including only his compositions, he creates moods as well as lines and spaces.”
“Listening back to back to the upbeat and feisty Stand Up and the half-ballad Pogo, which sustains interest throughout and skillfully avoids diluting itself, it is clear that this quartet is capable of many things and is here to last.”
“Jerome Sabbagh's new album is organic, earthy and inspired.”
“Since North, we knew that Sabbagh was a great saxophonist. He shows it again here, without trying to change the world. But we now know that he has found something more with this band: hearing them play, you would think they have been together for thousands of years.”
“An absolutely killin' band [...] Jerome's melodies on Pogo sometimes reach into poppy and jammy territory when it's almost as if you'd swear the saxophone is a human voice singing a melody or a guitar carving out a simple idea but with a great sense of confidence.”
“Over the past few years of performing together, they've bonded, learned, and are continuing to define their sound.”
“Don't miss this new album, which again displays the maturity and strong personality already in evidence in the previous (and equally indispensable) North. Pogo benefits from a consistent artistic line, a sense of integrity in the musical process, the use of the same band and a warm repertoire. Nice assets all...”
“One cannot help but admire the dynamics of the group: dense and incredibly cohesive. It is clear that these musicians know each other well, and the writing, which makes equal room for all four, gives the band an exhilarating sound.”
Citizen Jazz (in French)
“Sabbagh has managed to create an immediately recognizable physical sound from his instrument along with a compositional style that is personally idiosyncratic (in the best sense).”
“Jerome Sabbagh plays beautifully and develops his own sound in these highly energetic originals.”
“The blend between the sound of the tenor, very personal, smooth yet energetic, and Ben Monder's guitar is particularly silky: these two have a deep musical connection.”
Alex Dutilh, Jazzman (in French)
“The American quartet of saxophonist and composer Jerome Sabbagh is impeccable.”
Patricia Bussy, Voxx (in French)


“While most saxophonists these days are monsters of shallow virtuosity, it is most refreshing to hear one who thinks about what he plays. With admirable focus, Sabbagh's quartet with guitarist Ben Monder develops uncontrived ideas and shuns gimmicks throughout the album.”
“A startlingly good young jazz musician [...] Sabbagh chooses notes judiciously and swings firmly. And Sabbagh and North grow stronger and deeper with each listening.”
“An exceptionally assured and compelling debut as a leader [...] The music is consistently evocative, tuneful and substantial.”
“A solid tenor player and a proficient composer.”
“One of the most skilled young tenor saxophonists around [...] There are moments on the new North that reel with judiciousness.”
“His new release is a refreshing statement with elements of mainstream, cultural, and original material that articulates his own musical language. Sabbagh plays with a warm tone filled with feeling and technical savvy [...]”
“Sabbagh has a very distinctive voice, characterized by both great freedom in improvising and a taste for sophisticated harmonies [...] Directness, elegance, vibe: this quartet deserves our enthusiastic endorsement.”
“An altogether enjoyable debut as a leader.”
“The quartet's collective sound is striking. It allows the different elements of the music, such as bold improvising, strong sense of shape and interplay, to fuse into a remarkably clear musical experience, in which the magic of the moment enhances the sense of direction and purpose. This is a feat that only real bands can achieve and a fitting victory for a musician wise enough to wait until maturity to record.”
“Yet another in the long line of auspicious debuts from Fresh Sound New Talent artists, this one stands out even from what is becoming that label's “usual” exceptional standard.”
“Jerome Sabbagh sings. The tenor saxophone is an extension of his voice. Listen to Follow the Light or Indian Song : he is a musician who lets the music breathe... [...] Sparked by guitarist Ben Monder's accomplished and elegant comping, Sabbagh' s North is an offering filled with serenity that explores many moods with intelligence and grace.”
“On his debut as a leader, North, Sabbagh explores a potpourri of styles with a decidedly modern mindset to offer up an original program of newly composed music.”
“The music of French saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh deserves to be listened to repeatedly. A New-Yorker since 1995, he has been been refining his music, always in a quartet setting. The shapes of his tunes are unexpected, yet the melodies are clear and singing. [...] Sabbagh chisels lines that grab your attention and choses his notes wisely.”
“An album vibrant with colors but always seeking harmony, from dark to light, from thick to airy, full of eloquent and intimate interplay, from jazz to beyond, eternal and irresistible. [...] A thoroughly satisfying first record.”
“Jerome Sabbagh plays in the great tradition of the tenor saxophone from Coleman Hawkins to Joe Lovano: a big buzzing sound, no gratuitous effects, open lyricism and melodic ideas. [...] This is a beautiful quartet, full of promises, people who know how to listen and interact with each other...”
“This band opens up a new path and sets a high standard: sounds effortlessly turn into harmony, melodic serenity and passion feed each other.”
“Playing subtle, airy music, Jerome Sabbagh is impressive in the ease with which he lets his tenor sings. On stage, he more than fulfills the promise of his wonderful album North.”
“Für sein zweites Album unter eigenem Namen hat Jerome Sabbagh die ideale Besetzung gefunden: Ben Monder (Gitarre), Joe Martin (Bass) und Ted Poor (Drums) veredeln das starke Spiel des jungen Saxophonisten auf North.”
“Esta nueva entrega de Fresh Sound New Talent es un disco agradable, fácil de escuchar para los oídos aún no encallecidos, pero con multitud de recovecos y detalles para aquéllos exigentes.”
“A North, mint minden jó zene, gondolkozásra készteti hallgatóját. Felveti például azt a kérdést is, hogy egy efféle lemezen, ahol a másik szólistának, a gitáros Ben Mondernek legalább olyan fontos szerep jut, mint a zenekarvezetőnek, mégis mi indokolja, hogy Sabbagh neve kerüljön a borítóra.”


“I think of my playing first and foremost as an element of the musical situation I am in. What matters most to me is how the music sounds as a whole, not how good my solo is. That said, I hope I am able to let go more and more...”
Interview with Marc Zisman about Pogo
“I listen to lots of different things...”
Listen Up questionnaire in All About Jazz New York
“I live in Brooklyn...”
“"I try to play saxophone like a singer.”
interview with Jean-Luc Caradec in La Terrasse (in French)
“Saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh has been living in New York. He works with many bands and now leads a quartet with which he recently recorded a beautiful album, North.”
Interview with Denis-Constant Martin in Politis (in French)
“Saxophonist and composer Jerome Sabbagh is performing in Lebanon for two weeks. His music reflects many influences, a likely consequence of his rich personality and diverse background...”
Interview with Al Saffir (in Arabic)

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“A great album, stylistically varied and ambitious.”
“Jerome Sabbagh summons virtues such as technical fluency, originality and boldness in his approach of the instrument to create a music that is clear and sophisticated at the same time.”
“Jerome Sabbagh is now recognized as one of the best saxophonists of his generation.”
Ouest France (in French)
“The Jerome Sabbagh Quartet played for almost two hours...”
“Based in New York, the French saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh has a kind of "je ne sais quoi", with deliberately simple melodies and atmospheric musical settings.”
20 minutes (in French)
“It is probably Jerome Sabbagh's tone that grabs your attention right away, smooth, silky, almost nonchalant.”